Safari Craze




Cargo shorts, khaki vests, and hiking boots are all things you would wear if life ever took you on a safari through the savannahs of Africa.That would be an amazing opportunity, but let’s face it, if you wore this type of gear in everyday life, you might be mistaken for the Crocodile Hunter (RIP). This spring you can channel a glammed-up version of Eliza Thornberry and tackle the jungle of your everyday life, whether it’s urban, rural, or somewhere in between. The spring runways were full of safari inspired silhouettes, colors, and prints making this trend a must-try.

1)Dresses and Rompers: No matter where you go this season, the neutral palette of a safari will fit in perfectly, and also give you an edgy military chic look. Find shirtdresses that have a lot of pocket and zipper details, the more cargo-ish the better! Complete the look with a thick waist belt in a brown to offset the lightness of the beige/khaki dress. If you’re loving rompers as an alternative to a dresses, then a structured olive romper with buttons, zippers, and pockets will certainly do the trick.


2) Tops and Bottoms: It might be slightly more difficult to put together a safari-wear inspired top and bottom while avoiding looking like you just got back from an excursion. Keep one piece simpler than the other in order to create a cohesive look that isn’t too overwhelming. The color scheme can range anywhere from browns to beiges or olive greens, sticking to this neutral color palette will be key. Incorporate white or black to elevate the ensemble for dressier occasions; for example, an olive shirt with white denim or a black top tucked into khaki shorts. Don’t be afraid to tackle the full on head-to-toe safari color pallete, then leave it to accessories to amp up the glam factor.


3) Shoes and Accessories: Make a bold statement with some really heavy gold jewelry or accessorize with animal prints inspired by the creatures you’d see on a real-life safari (cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, zeebras, snakes). Geometric pieces are also a great option. A head to toe structured, khaki outfit can come across as a bit masculine, so dressing it up with feminine pieces is essential. A heel is a perfect and easy way to elevate any look while making it more feminine. Toss on a scarf, belt, or hat and you’ll be easily distinguished from any tour guide or park ranger.


The best part of this trend is that you can put it together with an entirely neutral palette; therefore, if you already own some pieces or if you buy them for this look, you’ll be able to wear them over and over again and transform them with different items. Although this look leans more on the casual side, there are still so many places and occasions you can wear it and not look out of place. After-all, life itself is very much like the wild.

My Outfit Details:

Dress: Similar

Belt: Here

Shoes: Similar

Necklace: Similar


3 places I would wear this outfit:

1. Lunch Date

2. Sunday Brunch

3. Casual Friday


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