Sporty AND Chic



When we think of sporty clothes, the word chic doesn’t really coincide. Naturally, we tend to think of hoodies, yoga pants, and running sneakers; however, this spring you can mix the comfort of your gym clothes with the ability to wear them virtually anywhere. From sporty stripes to mesh details, you can find pieces to suit any occasion all while remaining on trend and giving off an athletic-inspired vibe. You can make this look a perfect fit for casual settings, at work, or out on the town.

1) Everyday Casual: dress up a pair of joggers or skinny sweats with a slip on sneaker or strappy sandal, balance out the slouchy bottom with a fitted top or try front tucking a looser top. Add some sporty detail with mesh, color blocking, or stripes and you’ll have a casual day time look while keeping your comfort level a total secret since you’re not in frumpy over-sized clothing.


Avoid the “just left yoga” appearance by accessorizing with more feminine pieces. Cocktail rings, statement necklaces, or even an arm party will add a great touch and finish off the look. You can also try an athletic-looking skirt for a cute casual lunch date.

2) At the office- Opt for a more sleek looking jogger or crepe pant, tuck in a blouse, throw on a pump or flat, and you’re ready for the work day. The best part is that you will look so effortlessly put together and no one will know that you’ll feel equally as comfortable as when you are wearing sweats and having a Netflix binge on the couch.


This look can easily transition from the office to a night out, and the versatility you will get out of the pieces is immense. You also most likely can created a similar look with items you already own, which is a total plus.

3) Date Night- If you’re in the mood for one piece that is both sporty and dressy, then try a long sleeve color blocked dress, or a body con with mesh cutouts. These options will give you the sporty vibe without the hassle of putting multiple pieces together for date night. If you’re not in the mood for a dress, a jumpsuit is also a great option.


A heel will elevate any of these options into being sheer perfection for your night out. Look for pumps or strappy sandals with a heel to put the finishing touch on your ensemble.

Looking sporty doesn’t have to mean you just left the gym. Incorporating elements with athletic-wear influences can help you achieve both a chic and a comfortable look. As always the possibilities are so immense with this trend and you can definitely find the right pieces to suit your lifestyle and needs.

My Outfit Details:

Outfit 1:


Bottom: Here

Shoes: Here (couldn’t resist spending my tax return)

Necklace: Here

Outfit 2:

Top:Here (similar)

Bottom: Here (similar)

Shoes:Here (similar)


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