70’s Inspired Flares

Spring is all about new beginnings, the snow melts away, the birds return, and the flowers bloom. This season breathes new life into an old school staple that we have all know and love, flared denim. When skinny jeans became popular, it took me a while to get into them, but once I did, there was no going back. I don’t think skinny jeans will ever die, but they are now sharing the spotlight with the must have new (old) style that has taken over. Change up your denim game while also channeling the 70’s this season with a modern twist on the oh so groovy classics. unnamed70's style70s1closeup2I dug out an old pair of flares I’ve been saving for when they made a comeback, and decided to put together a full on 70’s outfit. The best way to achieve a 70’s inspired look is to find the perfect silhouette, texture, colors, and accessories. In order to avoid looking like a Halloween costume, mix and match modern pieces with vintage inspires ones.

1) Silhouette: Look for flares that are form-fitting and hug every curve that start to flare out below the knee. An amazing thing about flares is that they make the legs appear so much longer than they are, so wearing a heel will increase this effect. Tuck a looser fitting top into the front and you’ll be just about ready to go.


2) Texture: In the 70’s suede was a must have texture and it’s making a comeback for 2015. Yes, suede has been here all along, but now its become big in the form of button-downs and skirts. Also fringe has made a comeback recently and it’s a great way to add more texture and volume to your outfit.


3) Colors: The popular colors of the time were mostly earth tones, burnt oranges, and turquoises. Make your look more modern by avoiding the “matchy-matchy” accessories and play with different shades of the same color. Back in the day matching your shoes to your belt and your bag was all the rage, but today not so much. It’s way more chic to mix neutrals and colors that complement each other and go together than it is to match everything perfectly.


4) Accessories: Put the icing on the cake with a pair of aviators, a fringe bag, and some awesome wooden-like wedges. Add some jewelry to finish it off and your chic 70’s inspired outfit will be complete!

8053672339000_shad_fr KAOVEN_28_RG_32411354_01_2

There’s a reason the styles from the 70’s consistently pop up in the modern world, because they’re versatile and never get old. Flares give you the added bonus of making you look taller and give you a more interesting silhouette. Texture is important to incorporate into your outfits, try suede and fringe to add some dimension to your look. Play with the earthy-inspired tones of the decade and give your ensemble a modern twist by resisting the urge to match everything. Lastly, add the perfect finishing touches with accessories to work some more 70’s inspired pieces into your outfit.

My Outfit Details:

Top: H&M (in stores)

Flares: Here (similar)

Shoes: Here (similar)

Headwrap: Here (similar)

Sunnies: Here (similar)

Necklace: Here (similar)


4 thoughts on “70’s Inspired Flares

    • You can! If you’re nervous start with some essential elements, flares and a t shirt. Or just wear some accessories that give you a 70s vibe!


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